June 1, 2004
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We recently became an Adobe platinum certified reseller! We're celebrating with some great Adobe Training Specials for you!

Purchase any Adobe Product and get 10% off your Adobe training course!

Upgrade any Adobe Product and receive $50 off an Adobe training course!

Adobe Premiere Pro®

Adobe Premiere Pro® software is a revolutionary nonlinear video editing application that takes video and audio production to an entirely new level. Our courses will teach you how to take advantage of multiple, nestable timelines; how to use the advanced color-correction tools; enhanced audio editing/mixing; and those special customized shortcuts that enable you to edit with amazing speed.

2-day course - Mondays & Tuesdays, 2nd week of each month
Buy Adobe Premiere Pro® $699 - receive 10% off training for $890 (Reg. $990)
Upgrade for $99 and get $50 off training!

Adobe Encore™ DVD®

Adobe Encore™ DVD® takes professional DVD authoring to a new level of creativity and functionality. At Media Dimensions, you will learn how to import and convert source files automatically to MPEG-2 video and Dolby® audio. Menu creation and edit functions in Adobe Photoshop® format using Encore's flexible interface and comprehensive set of menu design tools are included. Our courses also explain output methodologies to ensure that your project has the broadest compatibility with all DVD formats and platforms.

1-day course - Wednesdays, 2nd week of each month
Buy Encore™ DVD® for $549 - receive 10% off training for $445.50 (Reg. $495)
Upgrade for $99 and get $50 off training!

Adobe Audition™

Adobe Audition™ software is a professional audio editing environment designed for demanding audio and video professionals. We offer classes in advanced mixing, editing and effects processing. You'll also learn Audition's flexible workflow coupled with its exceptional ease of use and precise tools. At Media Dimensions you'll be empowered to create rich, nuanced audio of the highest possible quality that complements your project in every way.

1-day course - Thursdays, 2nd week of each month
Buy Audition™ for $299 - receive 10% off training for $445.50 (Reg. $495)
Upgrade for $69 and get $50 off training!

Adobe After Effects®

Adobe After Effects® is the essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. We'll show you its powerful new features, like the new intelligent Disk Caching and how you can spend less time rerendering. Learn the new animation Presets Palette where you save your favorite animation settings for instant reuse. We'll also teach you the new effects and the latest advanced cloning features that make retouching easier than ever.

2-day course Thursdays and Fridays, 4th week of each month
Buy Adobe After Effects® Std for $699 - receive 10% off training for $890 (Reg. $990)
Buy Adobe After Effects® Pro for $999 - receive 10% off training for $890 (Reg. $990)

M3D Special Bonus of the Month!
Professional Video Editing and DVD Authoring

Matrox RTX Xtreme Pro

Matrix RTX Xtreme Pro is the most cost-effective professional real-time editing platform. Learn superior real-time 3D effects with spline keyframe control, sought-after real-time filters - pan & scan, old movie, soft focus-and much more.

Our courses include real-time analog, DV capture and print-to-tape functions; real-time MPEG-2 capture/encoding/export; and the fastest, most versatile tools available at any price.

1-day course - Fridays, 2nd week of each month
(included at no cost with system purchase)
RTX Training $445.50 (Reg. $495)

*Note: RTX Extreme Pro is bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, Audition and After Effects.